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Why "Five Minute" Coaching?


  • Are you tired of being tired? Do you want to rest more and therefore be more productive?

  • Are you distracted by the 'burdens' of life and forgetting to live in your purpose?

  • Do you want more time with God (but not a two hour quiet time)?

  • How much time are you wasting per day NOT paying attention to where you are going in life? 

  • Do you want to create some huge shifts in your life with less than 30 minutes of intentional practices?

  • Do you like learning and growing with new friends?

  • Have you wanted to see what coaching is all about but not yet chosen into the financial/time investment?

  • Do you want more joy, peace, confidence, rest, productivity, laughter, intimacy with God and yourself and those you love?  

  • I could ASK YOU SO MUCH MORE...

  • So, the better question is WHY NOT YOU?




What practices will YOU be focusing on?

These are the topics of the course and the practices YOU create will be completely designed by you and inspired by the group coaching content.  


F.    Faith and Family

I.    Inspiration and Laughter

V.   Vitality and Peace

E.   Enneagram and Exercise

S.    Sacred Silence and Service




  • Get coaching and friendship all in the same experience.

  • Truth telling and love within a safe, fun, forward moving community.

  • You get to see what coaching looks like, feels like, and tastes like in a more 'affordable' way and when you are ready for more, you choose when to take it to the next level.

  • Because of your investment of time and money on YOURSELF - you get to win and so do those you love and influence.  


Some of the Benefits to this online course - "Five minute coaching":

  • As a 1:1 "Soul Coach" / life coach, I give many five-minute (daily) assignments.  Examples of this are: send an encouraging text to five people, ask your spouse/best friend/mom or dad for support, take your biggest risk in intimacy, listen to five minutes of the Bible every morning, spend five minutes in silence - and more!

  • Many people think that in order to create large changes in their life habits that it gets to be arduous and exhausting.  It's really the tiny little shifts in a rudder that changes the course of the entire ship. 

  • Many people don't start NEW THINGS in life because they feel they won't keep it up. 

  • Five habits - five new practices - for just five minutes a day - that's a total of 25 minutes and this can lead to LIFELONG shifts when you keep on it and in it!  

  • When you choose YOU in this small way - you will deliberately shift your life and impact and increase your joy in immeasurable ways.  


WHY A 7:55 am EST phone call?  WHY SO EARLY? 


Because very few people on the planet, especially the east coast,  can use this time as an excuse.  Even if you're getting your kids ready that early, plug your blue tooth on and rock-n-roll your life!  Or just wake up a little earlier and get your engines revved.  The calls and all the 'parts' are completely optional - your experience is completely YOUR choosing AND the calls are an incredibly opportunity to step into being coached.   



$495 is YOUR price for this Group coaching / online course.  


Typical 1:1 coaching with me is Five (55-minute) Sessions for $1000. So take a leap now to test the waters! 

TEST DRIVE your goals and dreams in this super fun community.  

I am so excited to meet you and see you SOAR!




Purchase this online group coaching experience on or before November 1, 2019 and receive 2  BONUSES valued at an additional $225! 

  • A PDF copy of Jenny's first book "7 Shifts" 

  • One extra 1:1 private coaching session via phone (55-minute session)

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