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About Me

Eleven years ago, after serving alongside my husband in pastoral counseling settings and volunteering in our church in various teaching roles, I decided to launch out into the world and BE a life coach.  


I still absolutely LOVE serving in our church home at in Stuart.  


I have volunteered as the Adoptive/Foster mentor to over 80 families, a role I have been privileged to hold for the last 9 years.  We have twins who are adopted from foster care and it is our passion that the Church (and any human willing to love well and deeply) be the ones who give every child in America a safe home.  Through our story of having a child in and out of treatment programs for his Attachment Issues, we have been grateful to see a unique outreach to hurting families with similar challenges.


Through Celebrate Recovery, I facilitate growth for women who are ready to heal from their past hurts and habits.  And as Pastor Matt’s wife, together, we continue to counsel couples and hurting families.


All this to say, my life experience has, in many ways, prepared me to be a successful coach. The credentials below have certainly enhanced my life experience:  


I am certified as a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach.  


Also, Klemmer and Associates, a world-wide Leadership Development company,  hired me 6 years ago to write and direct their coaching certification course, called the Klemmer Coaching Academy.  


I trained under their personal development platform for over three years.  Additionally, I am privileged to coach for this company and get to work with hundreds of people in one-on-one contexts, coaching them toward their best life ever.  


My goal in coaching is to see you move forward --- faster --- in every area of your life, to best equip you to maximize your influence on this planet.  Leveraging God’s love and His creative make-up (your enneagram type), I want to lead you to discover what is next for you and how best to apply these tools to your personal and professional life.   

Additional to coaching you in Enneagram practices, some of my other specialty areas include:

  • Health Coaching

  • Business Building

  • Team Building

  • Ministry Team Building

  • Pastoral Care for Pastor’s Families

  • Marriage Support

  • Sexual Intimacy Growth and Healing from the Past

  • Finding Hope and Power (in spite of your hurts, habits and hang ups)

  • Uncovering Your Negative Belief Systems and Grabbing On to the New Ones

  • Discovering and Living in Your Purpose

  • Practicing Daily Forgiveness and Gratitude

  • Having More Fun by Taking Ideal Care of You

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