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What Does Coaching Look Like, Feel Like, Taste Like?

What might an individual session look like?

55 minutes of intensive application of YOUR enneagram to your life improvements as well as setting goals to see the results of this hard work

Homework is assigned and is expected to be complete prior to your next session.

Accountability AND love are how I coach and one without the other is simply conversation or a coffee date.

My time is valuable and so is yours. So, I am all about making the most of every opportunity.

Pretty much, YOU lead your session and I follow. I am not the expert in your life – YOU are.

I am a gentle and gifted ‘question-asker’ and you are the only one who gets to apply what you discover in our sessions.

Sessions can be both energizing and challenging and I will love you enough to ask you the tough questions so that you can love yourself and your life enough to make some significant changes.

Here is a sample of questions I might ask (just a little teaser):

How are you using your enneagram type for good?

What are you learning about yourself now that you have identified your type?

How is it playing in to your professional life? Personal life? Family life? Spiritual life?

What are your identified growth opportunities? How are you applying them today?

Where might you be using your weaknesses against yourself or others?

Homework might be:

Ask three people in your life how they would describe you to a boss.

Ask each of your family members what they most love and admire about you?

Ask them now what is one thing you could improve upon for the home to be even healthier?

Assess your health in all the areas you can possible think of.

Rate each area of your life from a scale of 1-10. Why did you rate it low or high? Now that you KNOW where you are, where are you going now?

SMART goals are key to our coaching relationship. If you’ve never made a SMART goal in your life, well, there’s your answer – hire me today ☺!

Prices can be discussed and…

Starting prices for Individual Coaching (55-minute sessions):

Face to Face in Stuart, FL One session is $200 or Four session package is $700

Online, One session is $180 or Four session package is $600

Over the phone, One session is $150 or Four session package is $500

Starting prices for Coaching Couples

(Coaching for Couples is very similar to the game plan I have in place for 1:1 clients and it is far more intensive and requires 75 minutes sessions):

Face to Face in Stuart, FL One session is $250 or Four session package is $850

Online One session is $225 or Four session package is $750

Over the phone One session is $200 or Four session package is $650

AND there is sooooooooo MUCH MORE I can tell you … but I won’t until you reach out. I look forward to meeting you soon!

HERE'S to you - choosing YOU!  For YOUR FREE 30-minute phone coaching consult, 

just text me, Jenny, at 772.521.3970 or 

email jennyboltprice@gmail.com .

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Located in South Florida.  Coaching Worldwide.

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