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Marriage: Madness or Harmony?

Being married to my college sweetheart has been my greatest joy and highest grid of sandpaper (My silly heart smooths his serious one.  And his steady thinking calms my mild chaos.)

 "Sacred Marriage" was the only book my husband would read before our wedding.  I read over 10 books - now did I finish all ten?  Hmmmmm. 

In his book, Gary Thomas taught us that Marriage is not meant to make us happy.  Rather, Marriage calls us to be more HOLY."

WELL, it has.  And because we've been willing to be Grace Builders for one another, our partnership has continued to get healthier over our 28 years on this journey. 

Do we have a perfect marriage? No way!  And it is a highly functional, passionately fun, connected and unified home. AND it's this way because we have done The Work to keep it healthy.  We've done marriage coaching/counseling four times.

“The truth is, we want to be known; we truly do. But we’re afraid. If you see the real me, will you run away? Am I even worth being known? Will the real me bore you? Scare you? Repulse you? And so we hide.”  ― Gary L. Thomas, The Sacred Search: What If It's Not about Who You Marry, But Why?

We are divinely different.  I'm a 7w8 and he's a steady 1. Work is his daily instinct, while mine is fun.  I enjoy working when it's fun - and coaching is a blast for me - and hopefully for you.  My hubby's version of fun is for me to come alongside him on a home or church project - to get my hands dirty, and mostly to admire his very refined work.  

How I choose to encourage more play for him...I request (with fervor) to have regular date nights.  He lets me plan them around food and fun and 'be with' connection.  

We flow.  We grow.  And thankfully because of this growth, we get to model marriage for our five kids and for our 900 church members.  

HERE'S to you - choosing YOU!  For YOUR FREE 30-minute phone coaching consult, 

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