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Why Enneagram Coaching?

When we know ourselves better, our purpose is clearer and more productive.


When we dig deeper into God’s unique design for us, we’re able to rest in His Identity rather than attempting to find value solely in our roles.


When both of these are strengthened (our knowing who we are, and our knowing how we function in relationship to our Maker) so many good things take place; including:


We identify our strengths and growth opportunities.


We enjoy better relationships, take better care of our souls and bodies, enjoy the gifts of daily life in Christ.


We produce better results at work with ease (and work even becomes energizing); build better teams with those we work with; and more people are influenced by our work and purpose.  


Marriages are improved because we know our differences and are able to better appreciate and accommodate the needs of our spouses -- moving more naturally towards them rather than away from them.


Our business and ministry teams are more engaged, more united, more joyful in their pursuit of results.


When we step into trainings and workshops around our business and ministry teams, we simply have more functionality and joy. And when we are leading and loving from joy – the whole world sees and is affected for good.  


When we know that we know that we know that there is more to learn about who we are – we make life easier for ourselves and for those we love and serve.  


I’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you might have.  It is my delight to continue to study the enneagram practice and it is my joy to pass it on to you and your teams.  


Email me to find out more:  


See you soon.


Your Jenneagram Coach,


Jenny Price, 7w8


(married to a 1W2, raising five kids -a 7, a 3, a 5w4, an 8w7 and one ‘unidentified’)

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