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Jenny, your enneagram coach. 
Why Enneagram Coaching? 

Enneagram coaching begins with you knowing your type, discovering the
types of others, and learning how to more effectively leverage your
strengths and theirs.

You will find greater harmony within yourself; more joy and peace in
relationship to God; more natural flow and better results for your teams,
marriages, homes, families, churches, and whatever environments you find yourself invested.

Through powerful questions, effective interactions, you, your loved ones, and your teams will discover fresh insights, find greater empathy and enjoy
freedoms you have never known.

About Me

I’m a 47 year-old girl named Jenny – being loved by my Jesus – treasured
by my husband, Matt (almost 28 years married) – adoring my six kids and
puppy (three kids who came the old fashioned way, a set of adopted twins,
an adopted four-legged girl named Jojo, and now a son-in-law).


I was created to love and serve, by encouraging you, by speaking truth to
you, and by holding you capable of your very best life in Him. I have a
blast coaching any person who is ready to jump into their “AND MORE” life.
I like Starbucks and reading and chilling at the beach. My favorite days are
those spent with all 7 of my family members just chilling and playing
together in Stuart, FL.

And I can’t wait to meet you!



Discovering your Enneagram type is just the beginning of your growth process.  Working with a coach will support you in digger deeper into your type. Additionally, you will be equipped to move more quickly to your strengths, and to recognize (in stress) your default patterns (and move more quickly out of those).  All of this, in the hope and belief that you will be living your AND MORE life.



Marriage works when you work it. And your marriage matters to me.  Your marriage matters to your kids. If your marriage does not really matter to you, you are guaranteed in need of coaching.


Most people I meet (and coach) WANT better marriages.  And, based on America’s stats, not many people are finding them.  

I believe the best marriages have the most impact.  There is no reason to stay stuck in destructive or unproductive patterns.  So why not spend some time studying your Enneagram types and using that process together, to flow more smoothly in your home, in your health, and in your intimacy and joy together.


Your Team

Why would you hire someone to help you in Team Building? Well…

WHY wouldn’t you?  Bringing a neutral and passionate person to your team’s table will enhance your communication processes, will increase productivity, and will create a more fun and flow-with work environment for all.  


Through the enneagram practice, each team member will uncover their type, and will be challenged to see their teammates in their types (enneagram numbers) and therefore motivate one another towards good works in the workplace.


+ Trainings

Though interactive and educational workshops, your team and you will uncover what is not working, what is working and what is next to make significant changes in your life and theirs.


Each workshop can be modified for your needs and for the best trainings for your team or ministries.  Because of the lengthier time spent together, we can go far more in depth to train and practice the enneagram tools, in both your personal and your professional life.  



Navigating through parenting trials, family dynamics, and solving conflict between members to create a thriving home life that supports everyone and their unique enneagram types. Understanding your family so that you can love them even better!  

Therapy Sessions

Jenny is an effective instrument that aids the willing towards soul mending & real growth. She isn't afraid of her own brokenness because she knows that's where she learns & evolves.

Her heart, humility & humor is a treasure to all who know her. Definitely a Coach of coaches!!

-Katrina, Age 42. Marketing Genius. 

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